What is this website?

On this website you will find a complete and whole set of theories that relate to the ASoIaF world. The list is ever growing and ever changing and fan contributions and ideas are always welcome


Because it’s hard to find a complete theory about “The Rat Cook” and a quality essay about “The Gravedigger”. I have found nearly every outlet of theories to be cluttered and difficult to learn from. I made this website to combat it; however I do think some sources such as Tower of The Hand and r/ASOIAF to be very useful and I found many of the essays here from the websites.

How often is the website updated?

Every day I will add multiple new theories and revise other theories based on comments and concerns that I find serious enough to edit existing theories.

Is there a quality control system?

Uhhhhhh, I’m the quality control but I’m pretty good at it! I promise! In all seriousness I will only post theories that I believe can actually hold water. As sad as I am to say it there will be no Syrio = Jaquen or Euron = Daario.

Why this website over others?

Don’t choose this website over others! This isn’t a community outreach or heavy discussion website. Here you will find quality theories and if you wish to discuss them go to r/ASOIAF or any other websites. I don’t want to steal away the light from other major websites I just want to be a helpful Encyclopedia to help newcomers to understanding theories they have never heard of.